The Engagement and Messaging team at Disney+ is responsible for engaging with subscribers through e-mail, push, and in-app messages. The team is also responsible for the messaging associated with Disney+ co-viewing feature GroupWatch.

For background, GroupWatch is a feature that gives subscribers the ability to co-view any series or movies from Disney+ with their family and friends. For GroupWatch messages, we used AWS Lambda, but needed to minimize latency during cold starts to ensure people in groups were in-sync. To overcome the cold starts, we wanted to migrate some functionality to AWS ECS Fargate.

When switching to ECS Fargate for…


This is a really basic explanation of routing traffic to applications in AWS.

In order for traffic to enter your application, you need to have an endpoint. The endpoint is a specific IP address a user uses to access an application. However, applications and their endpoints can be ephemeral and a specific IP may not always point to a specific application. Applications can go down and come back up at any time and may come back up with a different endpoint. Most applications are also not running as a single instance, but actually a number of instances with a ton…

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